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AFuel Management System

What is MeduNet AFuel System?

MEDUNET AFUEL brings the intelligent, efficient, transparent & economical trouble free refueling solutions for public auto refueling stations as well as for fleet and company refueling stations
  • Easily fitted to almost every vehicle
  • Easily Implemented with existing architecture
  • Optimizing your vehicle fleet management
  • Completely wireless system
  • Nozzle-Out Function
  • Mis-fueling is no longer possible
  • Increases customer loyalty
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How Does AFuel System Works?

The intelligent system solutions offer extensive possibilities for modern and efficient petrol stations management, whether company, fleet fueling stations or public petrol stations.

AFuel System Works
  • A Wireless passive RFID tag is installed on every fleet vehicle(Vehicle Tag)
  • A Wireless, battery powered RFID(Reader) is installed on nozzles(Nozzles Reader)
  • Fuel is dispensed only when an authorized vehicle is identified by the system and account management software, and certain authorization criteria are met (fuel type, max Quantity, etc.)
  • If the nozzle is inserted into an unauthorized vehicle, Fuel will not be dispensed
  • All information are collected, reported and managed at a remote head office
  • Protection against waste and misuses if the nozzle valve is pulled out of the tank, the pump switches itself off automatically(Nozzle-Out-Function)
  • Optional odometer and/or Engine Hour automatic capture device
  • No need for any paper work, All data automatic collected and sync with Head Office

Simple, Smart, & effective

Automated Fuel System offers the complete Fuel Management Solutions for fleet Organizations and Gas Stations