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Special expertise and contribution in order to bring the right solution to the right place at the right time.  


Internet Services

MeduNet provides broadband and high speed dedicated internet using different communications technologies (Fiber optics, Microwave, VSAT).

Cloud & Hosting

MeduNet has the ability to build state-of-the-art data centers with industry, quality and security standards.


Create a solid Business Continuity Response Capability, to ensure continuity of a firm’s key operations in the event of an incident, disaster, emergency or threat

Networks & Security

Implement and operate any networking projects. Also, MeduNet is a partner with several international networking companies.

More Enterprise Service

Cloud and Hosting.

MeduNet provides very unique services and solutions to clients in many sectors in general.  



MeduNet IaaS Cloud provides on-demand computing infrastructure (server and storage) all the way to the level of operating system.

Cloud Email Service

MeduNet Cloud Email Service provides a platform for email and collaboration based on Microsoft Exchange software and depending on the Hosted Email Service plan purchased.


MeduNet Cloud BaaS helps protecting your data with a secure, automated backup process that is quick to deploy, easy to manage and delivers a range of options


By using MeduNet DRaaS an enterprise can simply protect its production servers by replication them to MeduNet cloud. The Recovery of IT systems in MeduNet cloud takes minutes, not hours.

success all the way


Our projects strive to create better ICT infrastructures and are strategically placed to achieve important long-term goals for all of our clients  



The Ministry of Interior


Ministry of Higher Education


Human Resurces Development Fund


Capital Market Authority


The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance


General Presidency for Youth Welfare


Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority


Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Charitable Foundation


King Saud University


Royal Medical Services




Forces Royal Saudi Air Defense




Ministry of Civil Service

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Established in 1997 as part of Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Foundation, Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Medical & Educational Telecommunications Program (MeduNet) is a leading Information Technology and Communications (ICT) solution provider in the Middle East region.  
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Frequently Questions.


MeduNet Provides some very unique services and solutions to clients in many sectors in general, and in Health Care and Education sectors in specific. One of these services is Telemedicine. MeduNet is the only company in the Middle East that provides end – to -end Telemedicine solutions to both public and private hospitals and medical centers.

To complement this, MeduNet, in collaboration with its partner WorldCare, provides medical second opinion for patients who wish to have another medical center or physician evaluate their case. It also facilitates their travel to get the needed medical care abroad.

MeduNet Portfolio of services is highly specialized and unique. Yet, all of these services and solutions share the same high quality and efficiency expected by our clients.

MeduNet have branches in and out of the Kingdom with professional staff working around the clock to ensure smooth delivery of solutions and continuous support to our clients.

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